Thursday, 18 October 2012

In the Beginning

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I have long thought that Adelaide is underrated as a city.

After living in London for five years and travelling to other cities in Europe, US, Africa and Asia I have always been content to call Adelaide my home. Many others do not, exhibiting the classic Adelaide Cringe and happily bowing to the perceived superiority of the Eastern states.

"Adelaide is boring" they moan. But I believe being bored is a state of mind, not an attribute of a place.

For a long time I have felt that Adelaide hides its highlights very well, burying event announcements on small signs at busy street corners and in classified advertisements in  newspapers that are no longer read.

Several years ago the government funded a local community group to set up a website to list Adelaide events, but this initiative failed because the group was not interested in looking at ways to collect event information.

After exploring a few dead ends I eventually located a website that I thought went some way to putting their finger on the pulse, and subscribed to its newsletter. It gave me some good ideas but I decided I could do better, and started writing for Weekend Notes myself in May under the profile name Dave W. It has been a blast!

Today I reached a milestone - 150 articles in a little less than 6 months.

Not only do I now have tens of thousands of readers every month, but I have also seen the website improve and grow and provide me with even more ideas of things to do. My days are never boring, and it's hard to find time to do things I should do (like housekeeping!). Instead I am out meeting people, attending events, exploring new places, and tasting foods that I haven't tried before. My writing also gives me enough pocket money to buy new toys like fancy cameras and electronic gadgets which I love. 

I hope that my articles on Weekend Notes give other people as much pleasure as it gives me in writing them. In some small way I'd like to think I'm making Adelaide a less "boring" place.

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  1. So Dave, you have entered the blogging world. You might get a good following here too. I love Radelaide!

  2. Hi foodpapparazzi, and thanks for my first post :)
    Glad you are another Radelaide supporter too.

    My main outlet is really on Weekend Notes, but I try not to rant or put my personal opinions on there too much. Given I generally average about 1 article a day on WN, I probably won't be prolific on here, but I do have another post in the works.

  3. Hi Dave, if you can, get more stuff here pls, I know Weekend Notes probably provide good number of readers etc. but omg all those ads! That's totally killing the whole thing. I'd appreciate even a copy/past from there to here. Thanks ;) J.

  4. Hi Happy Thoughts, it's great to hear from you :)
    Thanks for your comment - It's a bit overdue for another post here lol. I actually know what to write about, but WN does take quite a lot of my time.

    I do agree with you about the ads being annoying, although there are only 3 ads per page. However the ads provide the entire income for the site and therefore my writing, and they are FAR less prominent than say on the Adelaide Now site or Nine MSN.

    I also have developed online friendships with several of the Weekend Notes writers, and have accumulated a rather large readership now lol. But unfortunately my arrangement with Weekend Notes doesn't allow me to reproduce articles here.

    I just had a quick look - you have go some great imagery on your blog, I'm going to have a read too but just thought I'd mention that I love em. Very original and eye catching :)

  5. Thanks Dave, I wasn't really complaining and understand how WN work (didn't know that you are not allowed to share your content, maybe just a link?), just looking at the website makes me dizzy but of course I acknowledge all the hard work independent writers have done - so thumbs up, obviously ;)

    I simply love the fact that you appreciate what Adelaide has to offer - I guess that's what I was trying to say. And thanks for 'stopping by' ;)

  6. Thanks for the compliments, it's pleasing to find other people who enjoy Adelaide and are passionate about it.

    I do sometimes wonder though, whether I get carried away on my high horse too much on heritage matters, but it saddens me to see beautiful buildings make way for more concrete boxes.

    You're so right - the WN site is very "busy", with different colours and links all over the place. But I haven a great respect for the guy who founded it, as he encourages writers to participate in decision making about things.

    Thanks for stopping by again. I'm not sure whether you're interested in architecture, but I just published an article about a beautiful mansion that's about to be sold for development. If that interests you, check it out here:

  7. I love people who love Adelaide and understand that this city is NOT boring and has a lot to offer. I've also lived in London, as well as Melbourne and various spots of Queensland and I guess I just "get" Adelaide. Love the concept for the blog and look forward to checking in from time to time

  8. Thanks for the comment Jacqui. Glad to meet another Adelaide lover!
    You have reminded me that I need to get cracking and write some more on here :)

  9. Hi Dave, I subscribed to Weekend Notes and absolutely love it!!!
    We are just about to head over and live in S.A, so everything that you have written is fabulous to know and I really enjoy getting the emails and seeing what's happening.
    We have visited Adelaide a few times before and we fell in love with it....hence buying the house and moving over. It's awesome that you love where you live and we are looking forward to loving it too and doing all the things it has to offer :)

  10. Hi Jade, and thanks so much for your positive comments! It's great to hear feedback as sometimes I feel I'm just writing for an anonymous audience.

    I hope that your move goes well, and that you find Adelaide as attractive as I do. There always is a place for larger cities, but small cities definitely have more charm and personality I think.